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Youth style

Scattered blue and white space create more prominent sense of hierarchy, like white waves on pure sea, as if the sound of the waves in the ears, ease the anxiety of your heart, you will be in the midst of a quiet space.

Royal Palace style

Pearl color is gorgeous white, soft white and warm white. As the main hue of the living room, it does not lose the sense of neatness and tranquility, but also brings more vividness to the living room.

Romantic trip style

Gray is the most modern color. As the study color, it can make people drunk in sea of books. Early morning grey and simple modern home give you a heart corner of the world's paradise.

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2018-03-07 Opening up overseas markets and stepping into five African countries, Chenyang waterborne paints are widely acclaimed! Under the background that waterborne paint replacing oil paint has become the general trend in China, the national brand Chenyang waterborne paint has been working tirelessly to infiltrate the international markets. detail